Overlock Patchwork Lace Up Cotton Grandad Half Sleeve Shirt


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Overlock Patchwork Lace Up Cotton Grandad Half Sleeve Shirt

An iconic look for your festival assortment. Available in six different sizes. Simply style with cotton shorts and trainers. These chic shirts are the perfect comfy addition for you this summer. Colorful patch checks will brighten up your day. This patch collarless grandad cotton shirt has a chest pocket. The materials used for manufacture of these shirts are sourced from Nepal

These shirts are 100% natural cotton made that draws heat away from skin which will make you cool and comfy in summer. They absorb body moisture and helps you stay dry by drawing it away from the body. 

Though named grandad, these shirts are very popular nowadays among young men as well. Among many interesting stories about grandad collar there is one which says it stared when collar of shirt was detached so as to wash it separately. Without the detachable collar fastened in, the shirt had a band collar that almost exactly looked like the modern grandad collar (with modifications of course). 

These shirts may be exactly what you are looking for this summer. Addition of them to your wardrobe won't go waste.

The materials used for the manufacture of these shirts are sourced from Nepal. They are different from others found online. They are of better quality that provides unique wearing comfort as well as stylish look. 

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Dry cleaning is recommended. 

You are very welcome to message us anything about the product. 

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