OM Hare Rama Black Jacket


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This stonewashed jacket is fleece lined with a zipper running in the middle. It has a collar in the neck as well as hoody. There is a drawstring at the hood to adjust the size or you can leave it as it is. It has two side pockets.
There are various Mantra on the jacket including Hindu deities as Rama, Sita, Krishna, hence named as Hare Sita Ram jacket. There is also Om symbol stamped there.  Rama is considered as one of avatars of Lord Vishnu and symbolizes strength and virtue. Sita is avatar of Laxmi and is personification of Earth's fertility, abundance and well-being.  Both Rama and Sita are protagonists of most famous love stories of all time.
This jacket is stonewashed and a bit smaller than the regular hoody jackets.

It doesn't mean you have to be a Hindu to wear this jacket. It has spiritual touch with stylish look.  It is warm  and provides you with unique wearing comfort.

UNISEX clothing.

There may be slight variation in color, size and placement of symbols from the one shown in image as these products are handmade individually. They are not defects, but represent unique origin.

All of our products are fair trade. The fabrics used are of high quality and sourced from Nepal so they are much different than the ones you find online.

It is also assured that no child labor is used for the manufacture of any of our products. They are ethically sourced.

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach.

The measurement index is as follows:

A: Chest measurement (from arm pit to arm pit)

B: Arm length from top of shoulder to wrist

C: Full length from front neck to bottom hem

The measurements are as follows:

Small: A- 18 inches, B- 24 inches, C- 25 inches approx
Medium: A- 19 inches, B- 24 inches, C- 25.5 inches approx
Large: A- 22 inches, B- 26 inches, C- 27 inches approx
Extra Large: A- 23 inches, B- 26 inches, C- 30 inches approx

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