Asymmetrical Floral Popper Skirt Maroon


Quick Overview

This popper skirt is made of 100% special natural Nepalese cotton. The Nepalese cottons makes the skirts very light weight and very comfortable to wear. The waist is wrap around type and hem is asymmetrical, giving it cool looks. The beauty of the skirt is highly increased by the outstanding patchwork with embroidery pattern. These Bohemian Multicolored Hippy Mini Skirt are definitely one of best choices for this summer. 

Not following high street fashion has always been our aim. Here at Little Kathmandu we are always trying to create something new that are of our customers liking. 

These skirts may be exactly what you are looking for this summer. Every details is provided with special attention so the resultant product speaks of absolute finery. Addition of them to your wardrobe won't go waste. 


The measurement index is as follows:

Waist: 24- 40 inches approx

All of our products are fair trade.

It is assured that no child labor is used for the production of any of our products. They are ethically sourced.

Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Hang it to dry. 

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

You are very welcome to message us anything about the product. 

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