Brushed Nepali Gheri Jacket


Quick Overview

Hip length with zip fastening at the front. The zip is hidden under a flap that's attached to the adhesive strap. There's also an adhesive strap attachment on the sleeves. There's an inside breast pocket. The jacket is fleece lined inside and outside- it is 100% cotton. It provides unique wearing comfort as well as stylish look. This helps you keep real warm in chilling weather. There is a drawstring on the hood and also at the hem so as to adjust size. Or you can leave it as it is. It's unique pattern and design makes you stand out in mass.
This jacket might be what you are looking for this winter. It's addition to your wardrobe won't go waste rather it adds versatility to it.
There may be slight variation in color, size and pattern as these products are handmade individually. They reflect unique origin rather than defect.
 All of our products are fair trade items.
Unisex Clothing
Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.
 It is assured that no child labor is used for the production of these jackets. It is ethically sourced.

he measurement index is as follows:

A: Chest length (half it for armpit to armpit width measurement)
B: Arm length from top of shoulder to wrist
The measurements are as follows:
Small: A- 38 inches, B- 24 inches approx
Medium: A- 42 inches, B- 25 inches approx
Large: A- 46 inches, B- 26 inches approx
Extra Large: A- 50 inches, B- 27 inches approx

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