Skullprint Razorcut Goth Mens Boho Hoody


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Yes-Gives you fleece lined. Ideal for cold winter season.

No-Gives you without lining inside. Ideal for summer/autumn season.

100% cotton outside
These jackets are available with and without fleece lining. The one with fleece lining keeps you pretty warm. If you don't want fleece lining then we have got one without it for £10 less than the price for lined one. 

All of our products are fair trade. 
It is assured that no child labor is used for the production of any of our products. They are ethically sourced.
Made in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach.

The measurement index is as follows:

A: Chest measurement
B: Arm length from top of shoulder to wrist.

The measurement are as follows:
Small: A- 38 inches, B- 24 inches approx
Medium: A- 42 inches, B- 25 inches approx
Large: A- 46 inches, B- 26 inches approx
X-Large: A- 50 inches, B- 27 inches approx

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