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How to properly clean cotton shirts?

Cotton is an amazing material to use for clothes. You probably own a cotton shirt already. And through experience, you will know just how comfortable and durable they are. Cotton shirts are soft, and they will also last a long time. And if you want them to last an even longer time, then you should know how to care for them. And this means that you have to wash them properly. There are a few things that you have to remember when you are cleaning your cotton shirts.

When you wash cotton shirts, be sure not to mix colours. The dyes of certain cotton shirts can mix when you are washing them. And this can cause a red shirt to stain a white shirt. So be sure to separate colours when you are going to wash a cotton shirt.

Cotton shirts can also shrink in the wash. So it is best to use cold water settings when you are washing a cotton shirt. This is especially true for coloured cotton shirts, which have a higher chance of shrinking inside the wash.

You should also try to get rid of stains before washing a cotton shirt. Often, when you put a stained cotton shirt in the wash, the stain can spread. 

And finally, before you iron a cotton shirt, you have to make sure that it is completely dry. So be sure to fully air dry a cotton shirt when you are going to use a hot flat iron to straighten it out.

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